John Deere SmartGrade is now available on the 650K crawler dozer. The integrated Topcon 3D-MC2 Grade Control System improves job site accuracy and work quality, delivering precise grading performance while eliminating vulnerable external masts and cables.

The 650K SmartGrade has a 104-hp EPA Final Tier 4 John Deere engine. The model features a cab-forward design for visibility, safety, and precise grading. Exclusive Total Machine Control comes standard with the 650K SmartGrade, providing personalization options.

SmartGrade is integrated into the machines, removing the need for daily installation of blade-mounted sensors and components, reducing setup time. The machine reduces breakage by removing external cables to the masts. Damage and theft is mitigated by removing masts from the blade.

The Auto SmartGrade feature identifies the soil type and automatically adjusts the machine to new terrain. Operators can select the application type, load setting, and soil conditions for adjustment. This feature prevents slippage by automatically lifting the blade. It also reduces the number of passes required to complete a job, reducing the wear of the undercarriage.

All SmartGrade machines are available in LGP or XLT track configurations. The LGP configuration is built for low ground pressure operations, such as damp or wet terrains, or on a steep slope. LGP models contain a wider track gauge that provides improved stability and blade control for light grading jobs. In contrast, the XLT configuration is designed for rocky terrains and can withstand heavier loads.