Felling Trailers' FT-10 R Turret Reel Trailer was designed as a custom trailer for a municipal power entity in Western California. It is a versatile tool for municipalities, electric utilities, communications, gas, oil, and more. 

With its 360-degree rotating turret assembly, there is virtually no right-of-way or easement that will prohibit its operation. Operators won't need to block the road, pull off into the ditch or weeds, or have to jack knife the trailer to get it into the proper orientation for operations. Operators can pull to the side, disengage the lever-actuated locking pin, and rotate the reel to the direction needed. The turret can lock into any position in 15-degree increments.

Additional options include a 16-inch bronze tensioning brake, hydraulic takeup and payout assembly, and hydraulic power pack.

The tensioning brake controls the over-spin of the reel and provides tension as the material is being pulled off. Hydraulic takeup and payout assembly can save crew members time and can be used to pay out material when reels are extremely heavy. 

With the onboard hydraulic power pack, the turret reel trailer can operate as a standalone machine and free up the truck for other operations.

Felling uses a Honda GX 390 gas engine with electric start and recoil backup. Equipped with a 25-gallon hydraulic reservoir, operators can achieve a near 100% duty cycle without overheating the hydraulic oil. This option also includes a hydraulic oil return filter and a lockable theft-resistant enclosure. This package is rated for 2,250 psi continuous and 2,900 psi max and provides eight gallons per minute.