Caterpillar has added the RP12000 E to its RP Series of portable generators.

The new generator features a larger frame to house a 670cc V-Twin engine. The engine has a fully pressurized oil system and delivers up to 15kW of surge power, making it suitable for powering more equipment and heavy loads. The all-copper generator delivers power with less than 5% total harmonic distortion, suitable for sensitive electronics and tools.

The RP12000 E also includes a low-idle mode, which optimizes fuel consumption and noise levels and reduces engine wear. A 50% load provides a runtime of more than 11 hours, allowing users to work an entire day without needing to refuel.

A custom muffler and an extra-large steel fuel tank positioned on top of the engine, versus the side, further minimizes noise levels and prevents damage from vibration.

The RP12000 E includes a lighted, single side-operators station, enabling the user to start and operate the generator without having to walk around or move it. The panel houses nine receptacles, including a 50A 240V outlet, which is unique to this model and required for many heavy-duty tools.

The generator also features a removable lifting eye and handle and is designed with a balanced center of gravity to make it easier for operators to push and pull around. The whole unit has a compact frame for easy storage.

The RP 12000 E is constructed of solid 35mm steel tubing, which is treated and coated to prevent corrosion and rust. The large metal wheels include integrated bearings for long life and high-quality solid rubber tires.