Extreme Tactical Dynamics (ETD) has launched a new police light, the Blaze Core Visor Light. Unlike traditional emergency vehicle visor lights, which have add-on option Takedown Lights, Blaze Core technology instantly transforms the entire visor light from colored flashing lights into 6,720 lumens of white takedown light with the flip of a switch. The Blaze Core light squeezes two LEDs into the space for one: a 3-watt colored LED with a 3-watt takedown light. This configuration produces a dual function in the space of one standard LED core.  

Nighttime traffic stops continue to be one of the leading causes of injury and death to police officers across the United States. Blaze Core LEDs' Shield of Light produces abundant, widespread light so officers can thoroughly assess a stopped vehicle and its occupants before approaching it. A highly visible scene makes it possible to recognize and quickly react to threats early enough to save police lives.

BLAZE visor light has two 17-inch sections, one per visor, each with four chambers that contain four Blaze Core LEDs. It is compact and multifunctional, increasing safety during nighttime stops.