The latest addition to Armortek Custom Armored Cars' line of special multi-purpose riot control trucks is a highly customizable Skid Mounted Riot Control Water Cannon truck, known as an SRC truck or water cannon truck. For its custom-built Skid Mounted Riot Control truck, the company takes a standard truck body and heavily armors it from front to back.

The company's most common customization is an added riot-suppressing high-capacity water cannon to the truck. The large capacity water tank is mounted on a removable skid in the bed of the truck so it can be used inside the truck, quickly deployed in a hot zone for standalone usage, and easily replaced with other skid-mounted devices. The controls of the truck and the water cannon are all easily managed by one driver if need be, but the truck has space for personnel transport and extra security forces.

Armortek Custom Armored Cars has created this SRC truck design to specifically address the increasing need of controlling crowds in hot zones around the world. The trucks can be customized with various enhancements and add-ons as needed, including oil slicks, tack drop, radio jamming equipment, and gun ports.