For first responders, it is vital their radio equipment is working properly and providing clear and reliable communication when they need it. Approximately 15% to 20% of radios can drift out of alignment each year, causing them to fail at any time. Many public safety agencies have anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 radios on their land mobile radio (LMR) networks. Technicians don’t know which radios are fine and which need to be aligned without bringing them all in for testing, which can cost an agency hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

LocusUSA’s DiagnostX is a long range Over-the-Air (OTA) radio waveform analyzer. It measures the alignment and field performance of portable and mobile radios as they’re deployed in the field through a 24/7, real-time network. The unit indicates when a radio needs to be brought in for service. This technology is non-intrusive to a radio system and can be networked to provide system-wide coverage.

DiagnostX also provides the ability to determine whether communication problems are specifically due to a faulty radio or a problem on the network, leading to fewer issues between users and dispatch. This is a huge advantage for agencies that are located in rural or mountainous areas, where coverage can be spotty.