Hofmann's comprehensive line of tire changers are designed to increase productivity and improve performance. The company introduced three new models for various shop sizes.

The Hofmann Monty 1625 is designed for high-volume and multi-bay repair shops. The swing-arm tire changer features a 24-inch outer-wheel clamping standard and includes a four-jaw clamping chuck which is self-centering and clamps wheels with either a 26-inch inner or 24-inch outer diameter.

The Hofmann Monty 3300 tilt-tower tire changer allows for a tire diameter of 40 inches, an outer-wheel diameter of 24 inches and wheel widths up to 15 inches. It can handle the wide variety of wheels available today, ranging from OEM to aftermarket. The tilt-tower feature has automatic pneumatic locking of the wheel offset to provide maximum cosmetic safety for expensive wheels.

The Hofmann Monty 3550 two-speed tire changer with patented EasyMont Pro Pneumatic Bead Assist is equipped to handle wheel diameters up to 30 inches. It is specifically designed to change low-profile, high-performance and run-flat tires, maximizing a shop’s versatility. It also offers 14 RPM, which allows the technician faster throughput in the bay while the pneumatically controlled mount/demount head eases operator effort and still allows for manual guidance and movement.