Multihog’s CityVac sweeper attachment for its CX 55 & CX 75 tractors are ideal for street sweeping and sanitation in municipalities, highway networks, and facilities management.

Features include:

  • 31.7 cubic feet (for CX 55) and 39 cubic feet (for CX 75) collection container capacity
  • Large fan for superior suction and airflow
  • Operation at low engine speeds of 1500 - 1700 RPM, reducing fuel consumption and noise pollution
  • Low noise fan that is not exposed to collected litter, limiting the risk of damage/wear on the blades
  • Heavy-duty, flexible, and microbe-resistant vacuum hose
  • Joystick inside the Multihog cabin, giving the operator intuitive control of the vacuum hose
  • High tip feature, with a dumping height of 5 feet, enables the operator to tip directly into a skip or trailer
  • Easily accessible 10-micron exhaust air filter located at the rear ensures that only clean air is expelled from the CityVac.