ERM Advanced Telematics' eSafe driver behavior monitoring accessory is now used by Calgary-based fleet management provider GPS Police to enable its base vehicle tracking service. ERM's eSafe hardware soluation integrates with GPS Police's software, allowing fleet managers to identify problematic driving and prevent potential accidents and unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles.

eSafe contains predefined profiles for over 35 vehicle types from passenger cars to public transportation vehicles to heavy-duty truck. It includes the definitions for 22 driving activities and maneuverer set according to each vehicle type, including advanced combinations of accelerating, braking, and turning in different driving conditions, including on paved roads, over speed bumps, in traffic circles, and off-road. eSafe also contains black box capabilities for recreating the driving scenarios that led to accidents and its high level of differentiation among vehicle profiles offers analyzed intelligence and not just raw data.

eSafe is fully integrated into GPS Police’s fleet management workflow processes and has been configured with definitions for graduated levels of severity for violations of the monitored driving behaviors. Alerts of all threshold violations are audibly and visually sent to drivers in real-time and are logged for follow-up analysis, while alerts of severe instances of individual violations and notifications of accumulated instances of ongoing violations are sent to the customer’s fleet manager for immediate action with escalating responses as the severity of a violation increases.