Tracerline’s TP-8656 Opti-Pro Plus/EZ-Shot is an A/C leak detection kit that comes with all the pieces necessary to pinpoint a fluid leak.

The kit makes it easier to find the exact source of a leak, including very small, multiple, and intermittent leaks. Technicians can use it to safely search near moving parts, and it's ideal for preventative maintenance and diagnostics.

By finding and fixing leaks, fleets can conserve refrigerant and other fluids to reduce costs.

The kit features the Opti-Pro Plus cordless, rechargeable, violet light LED detection flashlight and original equipment manufacturer-approved fluorescent dye. Also included in the kit is an EZ-Shot A/C dye injection gun, R134a hose/coupler with R-12 adapter and purge fitting, TP-9940 fluorescence-enhancing glasses, and other needed pieces.