Updates for the 2017 Cat M Series medium wheel loaders (950M, 962M, 966M, 972M, 966M XE, 972M XE, 980M, and 982M) include new Cat Connect Technologies, additional operator comfort and safety features, and features that help reduce operating costs.

Cat PAYLOAD Technologies are designed to increase production and jobsite efficiency by ensuring haul vehicles are loaded to exact specifications. For 2017, the capabilities of the Cat Production Measurement system have been expanded to include the Advanced Productivity Application, an optional web-based tool available through VisionLink. Owners can better develop future project cost estimates based on key performance indicators.

The 966M XE and 972M XE build upon their industry-leading fuel efficiency advantage of up to 25-35% over a conventional powershift machine, according to the company. The new XE Economy Mode 2.0 further improves XE’s fuel efficiency by approximately 6% on average, depending on the application, without sacrificing production or revenue potential.  The reduced fuel consumption is achieved through a power management strategy that reduces the maximum engine RPM to 1200-1400 RPM thresholds based on performance needs. Lower operating sound levels are an additional benefit when using the enhanced economy mode.

An updated Autoshift system for the 950M and 962M uses new logic to improve performance and fuel efficiency by allowing an earlier 3L-to-4L shift at part throttle in economy mode and an earlier 2-to-3 shift during truck loading for enhanced controllability.

The new Cat Autolube system simplifies maintenance and service needs, reducing machine downtime. The new system includes a ground level fill point and serviceable hoses which are fully integrated into the machine’s electronic architecture through both the touchscreen display and VisionLink telematics that indicate reservoir fill level and service fault code needs.