Propane autogas solutions provider Alliance AutoGas and filtration company Donaldson are offering a line of clean, LPG filters designed to remove potentially harmful particulate matter and heavy ends from propane systems.

The filters were designed for the propane industry and are currently available through propane equipment distributors.

While it is common for gasoline and diesel fuels to be filtered several times while being transported to consumers, propane has historically not been filtered, according to Alliance AutoGas. The two filters being offered are specifically designed to eliminate potential fuel contamination issues with autogas fuel dispenser systems.

A primary LPG particulate filter is designed to remove 99% of harmful particulates of 0.5 microns and larger. A secondary absorbent carbon filter is engineered to remove heavy ends, without removing the odorant from propane.

The filters were designed to exceed industry standards. The filter housings are made from high phosphorus nickel-plated steel, meeting current NFPA 58 ( requirements for Pressure-Containing Metal Parts.

The filters can be sold and installed separately or together in order to meet the needs of a specific fleet.