The ReStore Kit from Madison Chemical allows users to clean, etch, remove surface oxides, and prepare a wide variety of metal surfaces. The kit includes one gallon of AquaBlue general purpose multi-metal surface cleaer, one gallon of TreadBrite Foam acidic cleaner for multi-metals, one gallon of CR-120N Nitric Acid cleaner for passivation of stainless steel, a two-pound container of Jel Terge powdered viscosity enhancer/gel builder, and detailed instructions.

AquaBlue is an alkaline detergent suited to remove dirt, oil, grease, and road grime, from a wide variety of surfaces, including stainless. It can be used as a spray in foaming or gelling applications, as a soak in ultrasonic tanks, and with pressure washers.

Although developed for cleaning and removing heat tint and weld burns from stainless steel surfaces, the acidic TreadBrite Foam cleaner can be used on many metal substrates.

Compound CR-120N can help start to passivate 200 series stainless steels. Ideal uses include cleaning and restoring tanker trucks, dump trucks, trailer bodies, and other tractors and trailers as well as field repair work, especially during or after equipment installation and commissioning.

CR-120N can be used as a spray, a soak, or, when combined with the Jel Terge powder, a gel solution. The gel is extremely effective on soils and deposits in high-heat areas. The kit includes enough CR-120N and Jel Terge to clean and start to passivate 200 square feet of a stainless steel surface, about the size of a dump truck body.