Hunter's drive-over tread depth system is now available in a flush mount design. Flush Quick Tread allows vehicles to move more easily over the system, with no bumps or protrusions that may cause damage.

The system automatically measures the tread depth of each tire in seconds, capturing 280,000 data points across a two-inch segment of the tire, to generate a point cloud — a three-dimensional model of the tire.

All measurements are processed on-site within seconds using Hunter's WinAlign software, without needing an internet connection or subscription fees. Results are presented in a customizable and easy-to-understand printout. 

Flush Quick Tread features an embedded control box that functions as the brain of the system. The control box is weather-resistant and dust-proof.

The Quick Tread system is available as a standalone product or paired with Quick Check to identify additional service opportunities such as alignment, battery, tire pressure, diagnostic trouble codes, and braking balance.