The John Deere hydraulic coupler (16GE23) for compact excavators makes switching buckets easier. Operators are no longer required to exit the cab to switch buckets, so site clearing can continue with minimal interruptions. The hydraulic coupler is designed for 35G, 50G, and 60G excavators, and is compatible with the expanding lineup of John Deere Worksite Pro attachments.

The hydraulic coupler features a wedge bar locking system that compensates for wear and keeps the coupler joint tight. The wedge-style bucket pickup enables compact excavators to maintain breakout forces by keeping weight down, and operators can easily switch to other attachments, such as hydraulic hammers, with an adaptive bracket. The coupler is activated using a rocker switch. Once activated, curling the bucket unlocks the coupler.

The hydraulic coupler works with a variety of Worksite Pro buckets and attachments and is compatible with most competitive models.