MODIS Edge from Snap-on is a diagnostic tool that combines a scan tool with a scope and graphing meter.

Technicans can work faster with a five-second boot-up, 9-foot lighted OBD cable, and the new Instant ID feature which automatically reads the VIN upon connection to the vehicle. The dedicated SMX operating system, eight-color touchscreen, four-way thumb pad, and quick links to common procedures such as oil specs and service interval resets allow technicians to get results faster.

The printable Vehicle System Report displays diagnostic results for available systems on 2008 and newer vehicles. Guided component tests show how to test, where to connect, and what results to look for. MODIS Edge can display up to eight live data parameters at a time and provide extended Wi-Fi range to speed triage functions and increase productivity in the bay.

MODIS Edge gives technicians access to 48 vehicle makes and 100 vehicle systems with OEM-specific codes, live data graphing, functional tests, and relearns and adaptations for vehicles as far back as 1980. It also features SureTrack expert information, which offers verified parts replacement records and Real Fixes in a Complaint/Cause/Correction format. Online software upgrades are available through the software subscription plan.