No Limit's Storm two-piece modular wheel features a virtually indestructible double-reinforced rim edge and a 1,100-lb. load rating. The exclusive No Limit hybrid tire bead retention system offers 400% more tire bead retention than other wheels.

The two-piece Storm center can be bolted into either a 14-inch or 15-inch outer hoop. The hoop can be powder-coated matte or gloss black or one of several OEM matching colors. The Storm is offered in a 14-by-7 at a retail price of $149.60 and 15-by7 at $166.60. Wheels come in 110-, 137-, and 156-bolt patterns to fit almost any Side-by-Side, UTV, or ATV. No Limit wheels come with a lifetime warranty, including free replacement for any bent or broken wheels.