BOSS Snowplow has added the 5-foot, 6-inch XT V-plow for mid-size UTVs and ATVs. The XT features exceptional ground clearance for hard-to-reach places and tough terrain, and its fully hydraulic system delivers efficiency with no winches, chains, or pulleys.

The plow has a 30-degree lift height for snow stacking, and its maneuverability and compact size make it ideal for plowing sidewalks, according to the company.

The 5-foot, 6-inch XT was designed to fit most ATV and mid-size UTV vehicles. The plow features a low-profile undercarriage designed for trail compatibility and a quick attachment system for the product to attach and detach with ease. The handlebar controller for ATVs and the handheld controller for mid-size UTVs are easy to use and eliminates the strains of operation, with or without gloves, according to BOSS.