The highway-class BOMAG BW206AD-5 tandem vibratory roller boasts a 55.1-inch drum diameter and is 84.1 inches wide. Its large drum diameter puts more impact surface area in contact with the asphalt to help prevent mat pushing and shoving and eliminate the potential for bow waves in front of the drum, according to the company.

The “leg design” BW206AD-5 roller extends the length between the drums, while reducing overall machine length compared to the perimeter frame roller it replaces in the BOMAG line, allowing operators to work more easily in confined areas. The roller also offers 66% higher curb clearance, increasing flexibility when compacting around obstructions. The roller’s available crab walk steering mode offsets the front and rear drums by up to 6.7 inches to the left or right, allowing the BW206AD-5 to compact right up to structures.

It offers two vibration frequencies and amplitudes, increasing flexibility in matching compaction output to the application. Low frequency and amplitude of 3,000 vpm and 0.031 inches respectively deliver maximum compaction output of 39,116 lbs. The roller’s high 4,200 vpm frequency delivers more drum impacts per inch when rolling at higher speeds than the previous model to improve surface smoothness.

Powered by a 140-hp diesel engine using a combination of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emissions reduction technology, the BW206AD-5 tandem roller meets Tier 4 Final standards. Exclusive Ecomode operation allows the roller to offer 8% higher engine horsepower than the roller it replaces, while significantly saving on fuel consumption. When set to Ecomode operation, the engine reacts to low load situations and automatically de-rates engine output to match need, and it automatically shuts off the engine after a pre-assigned period of idle time. With Ecomode operation, the roller delivers up to 30% fuel savings over full power mode and offers quieter machine operation.