The Terex Texoma spiral bullet tooth auger enables  drill rigs to achieve higher production drilling rates. The cut pattern and tooth attack angle on the auger combine to make the bullet teeth act like “fingers” that penetrate through and lift up fractured or broken material, according to the company. These augers are effective in working in sand, dirt, cobble, cement, fractured or hard rock, compacted soil, and frozen ground conditions.

Terex has specially designed its spiral bullet tooth auger to allow each tooth to cut a small track, which increases productivity. With its spiral-shape design and unique tooth pattern that distributes the cutting action evenly, this auger equalizes the work done by each tooth on the cutting tool, increasing production rates and reducing tooth wear, according to the company.

The Terex Texoma spiral bullet tooth auger can be used in virtually any ground condition, with all of the standard Terex tooth offerings, and is adaptable to any size of digger derrick truck. Terex offers a variety of flighting thickness and pitch options for this auger. It fits on existing drill rigs.