The American Eagle Heavy-Duty Steel drawer system is designed to provide a solid, durable platform for carrying tools and components.

The drawers use American Eagle’s locking T-handle that allows one-handed operation and conceals the latch mechanism for protection and a more attractive outward appearance. Drawer fronts are given a textured gray powder coat finish and all other components are made of galvanized steel to prevent rust. The metal edges of the drawers and the top shelf are hemmed for added strength and safety.

The side panels have a standard 2.5-inch riser built into them with mountin slots pre-punched for ease of installation. The top shelf is included with all drawer units and is designed to telescope out to 5.5 inches on each side of the drawer set. In most installations, this will provide a full shelf in the body compartment and give more solid reinforcement.

The drawer systems are custom-made to a user’s specifications. They can be engineered to fit a truck’s compartment and configured with optimal drawer sizes.