Crown Equipment Corporation’s Crown PTH 50PS Series powered scissor lift, hand-pallet truck is designed for use with open-bottom pallets, skids, and totes. 

The Crown PTH 50PS lift is ideal for applications that require frequent varied working heights because it can function as both a hand pallet truck and mobile work positioner that can raise, lower, and transport material. It features an electrically-powered hydraulic system that can lift as much as 2,200 lbs. at variable heights up to 31.5 inches.

The pallet truck’s heavy-gauge steel forks and scissor legs are stronger and more durable than other designs. Its steer and load wheels are engineered with high-quality compounds and bearings that lower rolling resistance for long-lasting performance and provide smooth, quiet operation. The 7-inch articulated steer wheels are designed to maintain optimal contact with the floor. A 200-degree steering angle enables better maneuverability in tight areas. 

The Crown PTH 50PS can be charged anywhere there is a conventional 110-volt wall outlet. It also has an onboard, 12 volt/10 amps maintenance-free battery and charger. All manual lifting and lowering functions of the pallet truck are retained.