ECCO’s 21 and 27 Series Lightbars are versatile and powerful warning devices suitable for a range of vehicle types and duties. The lightbars can be mounted permanently to the vehicle or mounted using an optional roof-mounting kit.

The 21 Series features LED modules with TIR optics, a durable aluminum chassis, and polycarbonate lenses. Available in nine standard configurations with available customized design, the 21 Series features a sleek design and can be configured with either centrally-controlled or independent flashing-warning modules. It offers a choice of a number of LEDs per module, which includes dual-color options.

The taller 27 Series utilizes the same chassis as the 21 Series but features reflective LED modules. Available in seven standard configurations, the 27 Series is also fully customizable. The series also offers several variations of LEDs per module, and includes dual-color options.

Stop-Tail Indicator, worklamp/takedown, and alley-light modules are also available as well as an integrated Safety Director to control the rear-warning modules independently.