Toro’s 28-inch Hydro Drive Brush Cutter features durable components and engineering that allows operators to level brush, tall weeds, saplings, small trees, and heavy vegetation. The Toro brush cutter can handle brush up to six feet tall and saplings up to two inches in diameter. Featuring a pivoting deck, the Hydro Drive Brush Cutter delivers a 4-inch height-of-cut.

The brush cutter features a two-step blade engagement, coupled with a parking brake, to ensure safety during use. The operator can also maneuver this machine in both forward and reverse with one hand. The standard 6 inch four-ply tractor lug tires provide effective traction for brush removal projects on slopes or in ditches and culverts.

The unit also features quality components, including a high-strength steel deck with large diameter pulleys that optimize the longevity of the belts. Furthermore, an offset blade design reduces impacts to the unit while a spindle shaft saddle prevents the blade bolt from loosening during normal operation. The brush cutter will begin shipping in fall 2016.