Crown Equipment Corporation’s FC 5200 Series counterbalanced forklift is designed for lifting heavy loads in tight aisles. It can support load capacities ranging from 4,000 to 6,500 lbs.

Crown’s Intrinsic Stability System uses integrated sensors and controllers to constantly monitor and control key forklift functions and movements to enhance stability and safety. The forklift’s dual drive motors and steering axle geometry allow for a smaller turn radius so operators can handle heavy loads in tight spaces.

The Crown FC 5200 helps operators get more done in less time, using faster acceleration and travel and lift speeds to move up to 10% more loads per shift, according to the company. The tighter turning radius of the forklift enables the truck to be used in the same space as a conventional four-wheel forklift, while also allowing room for a larger battery that provides 15% more runtime per battery charge. When the performance of the forklift is set to optimize efficiency, an additional 25% of runtime can be realized, resulting in a combined 40% more runtime per battery charge, according to Crown. The forklift’s eGEN Braking eliminates traditional friction brakes and reduces the need for maintenance.

The cab-forward design, low-profile cowl, narrow steering column, and unobstructed view through the mast provide enhanced visibility.