Broyhill’s Load-And-Pack off-road trash truck can empty more than 400 barrels per day in large public beach areas, inland parks, hiking trails, and sports facilities. The single-operator machine allows agencies to save money by repositioning the workforce and eliminating injuries.

The vehicle is fitted with special tires for snow, soft sand, and mud. It boasts a four-wheel-drive capability and a hydraulic front-lifting arm that grabs, hoists, and empties containers up to 90 gallons and 500 pounds; the cycle per container lasts about five seconds. The unit compacts refuse while traveling — the 7-cubic-yard box style can handle up to 28 yards of refuse in a single load.

The specialized off-road vehicles are ideal for expansive properties with long distances to traverse. It can travel terrain quickly and doesn’t damage hiking trails or grass in soccer and baseball fields.