Kubota has revealed the Tier 4 Final SVL95-2s compact track loader that features a high-flow hydraulic system and several adjustments to the cabin, which are new to its lineup.

The SVL95-2s, which replaces the SVL90-2, has a new high-flow hydraulic system, which is one of the track loader’s five hydraulic presets. It can be programmed and instantly changed to adjust flow rates from a range of 5 to 40 gallons per mintues, which is a 19% improvement over previous models.

New features for the SVL95-2 cabin include push-button control for the optional high-flow hydraulics and a high-back suspension seat that provides enhanced support. The vehicle is also six inches longer, allowing for the radiator fan to be located further back in the vehicle, and it has a wider entrance. When ordered with a cab enclosure, the SVL95-2 comes with a radio.

The track loader also comes equipped with a Common Rail System, and it delivers 96.4 hp. It has a 28.8-gallon fuel tank and a 5-gallon Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank.

The track loader can utilize up to three hydraulic circuits in parallel, allowing for simultaneous control of the loader, the bucket, and the auxiliary device. It has a bucket breakout force of 7,961 pounds and unique vertical lift with a reach of 40.7 inches.