The PulseTech SP-5 OTR Solar Charger maintainer is a solar-powered battery charger designed to keep a vehicle battery charged during periods of non-use.

The 5-watt system uses a temporary plug-in format that attaches to the vehicle's exterior hood with four suction cups and plugs directly into the OBD connector for power. The setup allows for quick installation and removal.

The solution is designed for vehicles that sit outdoors for long periods of time without being used. The SP-5 uses solar power to reverse the normal loss of battery power, sulfation buildup and parasitic draw on erratically used vehicles. The device only requires a few hours of sunlight to maintain connected batteries, according to PulseTech.

The charger has the ability to maintain up to four 12-volt batteries connected in parallel and can also replace the power loss from electrical accessories used when the ignition is turned off. It also cleans up lead sulfate crystals that can build-up on batteries when not in use. Using its Pulse technology, the device desulfates the plates and keeps the battery in a state capable of holding a full charge.

The SP-5 OTR works with all types of 12-volt batteries including conventional flooded gel, AGM and VRLA types. It's protected with a clear, polyurethane plastic coating mounted on a laminated aluminum substrate to help prevent damage from weather, aging and bumps or knocks.