WEATHER GUARD, a manufacturing leader in truck and van storage equipment, has introduced six new WEATHER GUARD Transfer Tanks, designed specifically for transferring diesel fuel and hydraulic fluid in the bed of a pickup truck to remote heavy equipment. The new 40-gallon “L”, 45-gallon cube, and 50-gallon column Transfer Tanks make jobs easier and safer by creating a simple method to transfer diesel fuel or hydraulic fluid on the jobsite or weekend adventure. The expanded family of WEATHER GUARD Transfer Tanks can be used for diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, and any other nonflammable liquids.

“WEATHER GUARD Transfer Tanks are the ideal solution for contractors on the go,” said Chris Filardi, Vice President of Marketing. “Now, with the availability of new colors, sizes and styles, our WEATHER GUARD Transfer Tanks are the safe and easy way to transfer fuel, saving contractors time and effort.”

The Transfer Tanks feature fully arc-welded, heavy 14 gauge steel construction for long-lasting durability. The interior baffle design reduces fluid movement and provides extra tank reinforcement. In addition, the lockable, vented filler cap prevents excessive pressure build-up and the threaded filler neck accepts standard 2’ threaded pipe. Product highlights include:

Vented Filler Cap: The vented filler cap on each tank is designed to prevent excessive pressure buildup.

Unique Interior Design: The baffle design on the interior of the Transfer Tanks not only provides superior durability and ensures long lasting quality, but also reduces fuel movement while transferring to the jobsite.

Multiple Colors Available: Transfer Tanks are available in gloss white and gloss black powder coat.

Multiple Sizes: WEATHER GUARD Transfer Tanks are available in 50-110 gallon capacity and come in multiple shapes, including new cube, column, and L-shapes, designed to accommodate a WEATHER GUARD saddle box.

Fluid Compatibility: All tanks allow for diesel fuel, hydraulic fuel, and other nonflammable liquids.

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