The BOMAG BW11RH-5 pneumatic tire roller has 35-degree centerpoint articulated steering, delivering a short 10-ft inside turn radius. This allows the front and rear tires to maintain tracking in turns, offering full width compaction in tight, winding curves to reduce the number of passes to reach desired densities, according to the company. The five front tires and four rear tires of the BW11RH-5 deliver a compaction width of 68 inches with zero frame overhang, making this roller ideal for intermediate compaction of highways, urban development roads, parking lots, driveways, and chip-and-seal applications. 

The BW11RH-5 integrates ballast compartments into the frame, and strategically placed compartments lower machine center of gravity for stability and safe operation. The BW11RH-5 offers a standard 12,231-lb. operating weight, which can be increased to 20,000 lbs. by adding ballast to maximize compaction forces. 

This pneumatic tire roller is powered by a liquid-cooled, 74-hp Kubota Tier 4 final engine. The roller’s hydrostatic transmission offers three travel speeds to match the speed of the paving train: 0-8 mph in low range; 0-10.5 mph in mid-range; and 0-15.5 mph in high.