Caterpillar's model 2591 102-inch material handling bucket is the largest (width, height and capacity) offered in the CAT bucket family. Capable of carrying up to 1.7 cubic yards of material at a time, the bucket is ideal for removing snow from roadways, parking lots, and sidewalks. The bucket built for winter conditions and can be used year-round in light material, high capacity applications such as handling mulch, dirt, or rock. 

The honeycomb design at the top gives the operator a great view of the amount of snow in the bucket for maximum capacity, and allows for more material retention without taking away line of sight to the edge and corners of the bucket. An integrated built-in step with metal grating makes it much easier to safely enter and exit the machine, as the improved grating improves grip in wet weather. 

Also, the reversible and replaceable bolt-on cutting edge ensures complete contact with the ground for maximum snow removal, while the torque tube increases rigidity for wet, heavy loads of snow.