The DX225LC-5 and DX235LCR-5 are the newest additions to Doosan Infracore America’s Tier 4-compliant crawler excavators. The new excavators are replacing the DX225LC-3 and DX235LCR models and feature added improvements to performance, fuel economy, durability, and comfort.

The DX235LCR-5 has a near-zero reduced tail swing that makes it ideal for congested jobsites or confined areas. Its extra-sturdy frame and reinforced superstructure ensures that it will last for a long time.

The DX225LC-5 has an available super-long reach (SLR) configuration that can dig to a depth of 38 feet and 2 inches, an added 20 feet of reach over a the standard configuration. The longer reach makes the SLR configuration popular for building seawalls along a coast or dredging applications in rivers and lakes, according to Doosan.

Both excavators come with a new selectable feature called Smart Power Control, a system that reduces engine rpm to match workload requirements and matches hydraulic pump torque and engine response to a given task in order to provide the best fuel efficiency.

Operators can also set a 3-60 minute idle time for their excavators, in order to reduce idle time. Once the idle time is met, the excavator will automatically shut down.  This is particularly useful for operators working in states with specific idle time regulations.