The BOMAG BW190ADO-5 tandem vibratory roller offers traditional front-drum vibration and BOMAG TanGO rear-drum tangential oscillation, increasing the machine’s flexibility.  With TanGO, vibration forces are always directed horizontally, and the drum maintains continuous ground contact, so the roller delivers efficient compaction results after only a few passes, according to the company.

The BW190ADO-5 roller can be used for traditional highway and roadway projects as well as more sensitive applications such as working within close proximity to buildings and on bridge structures. 

The BW190ADO-5 offers a mainline 78.3-in. rolling width. The TanGO vibration system is built on careful coordination of exciter system to drum weight ratios to deliver optimum compaction performance. The rear drum has a wear resistant drum wrapper surface, covered by an 8-year/8,000-operating-hour warranty. 

The roller’s front drum offers both dual vibration frequencies – 3,000/4,200 vpm (50/70 Hz) – and dual amplitudes – 0.036/0.013 in (0.91/0.33) to quickly compact asphalt lifts.

The roller is powered by a 114 hp Kubota liquid-cooled diesel engine. Its pressurized water spray system with 198.1-gallon tank and low water level indicator extends operating periods between refills.