The Cedarapids CR652RX from BOMAG is powered by a 260 hp Cummins Tier 4 final diesel engine. The turbocharged engine offers plenty of horsepower to operate the machine’s Remix Anti-Segregation System augers, paver functions, and electric screed, and it offers reserve power to operate options such as lights for night paving.

This mainline paver delivers the production required for full-width paving applications such as airports, interstates and state highways, and major county road and highway construction. 

The new operator’s platform design for the CR652RX Remix and all Cedarapids Tier 4 final pavers significantly increases operator visibility to improve paving quality and efficiency. The new swiveling seat pivots the operator beyond the paver’s side, providing unobstructed line of sight to the front wheel bogies and/or track. The redesigned operator’s console also moves and pivots to line up with the operator’s seat, improving operator comfort. 

The Remix design has several exclusive features designed to virtually eliminate material and thermal segregation. Replacing the hopper’s slat conveyor system of traditional pavers, two sets of two variable-pitch counter-rotating augers uniformly draw down material from all areas of the hopper to aggressively reblend the asphalt at the last stage of the paving process. Outboard auger drive motors mounted to the paver’s rear bulkhead allow the spread augers to back up to each other by removing the center drive gearbox to eliminate the occurrence of centerline segregation. 

The revamped CR652RX Remix and all Tier 4 final pavers are equipped with BOMAG telematics.