The Ranger EV Li-Ion Polaris Pursuit Camo is Polaris’ first lithium-ion off-road electric vehicle.

It comes equipped with On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive for added traction when the terrain demands it and weighs in at 462 lbs. thanks to its new lithium-ion batteries.

The reduction in weight along with the new battery has given the vehicle faster acceleration and a 50-mile range. Its lithium-ion batteries also last three times as long as acid batteries, furthering its return on investment.  

The Ranger EV Li-Ion comes equipped with a single 48-volt, high efficiency, AC induction motor that gives drivers three modes of operation. The high mode is meant for everyday use, low mode for more demanding work, and a max range mode will deliver the greatest distance.   

The vehicle can tow up to 1,500 lbs., has 10 gallons worth of in-cab storage, a 500-lb. gas-assist rea dump box, and a 1,000-lb. total payload.