Code 3's new line of emergency lighting and sirens for Ford's Police Interceptor Utility includes the SuperVisor Torus, Citadel, SD24, and MR6 lighting products.

The SuperVisor Torus lightbar features a thin design that remains stealty until energized. Fleets looking to add lighting toe hte vehicle's side mirrors, push bumper, rear window, license plate, or grille can choose from Code 3's XT, TREX, MR, and Chase lines.

Code 3's Citadel light mounts to the upper-windshield of the P.I. Utility, and provides rear window visibility and eliminates interior backflash. Code 3 also offers MR6 lights for the bumper and Hide-A-Blast for tail tighting. Lighting products such as the SD24 or MR6 are mounted inside the lift gate for added safety lighting.

Code 3's C3100 speakers feature highly efficient American drivers that are lightweight, yet rugged and weather-resistant and are housed in a compact, low profile design, according to the company.