Seven models of Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas’ HX series hydraulic excavators have recently been released in the United States and Canada.

Five of the HX series models, HX220L, HX260L,HX300L, HX330L, and  HX380L use Cummins engines while the HX480L and HX520L models use Scania engines. All seven models achieve Tier 4 final emissions compliance and offer a 10% fuel efficiency improvement over 9A series models.

All HX series excavators come standard with an 8-inch touchscreen cluster-monitor with haptic remote control for all major functions. The 8-inch screen adds safety features by providing 360 degrees of virtual operating view that senses and warns the operator when objects come within 16.5 feet of the machine.  

The HX series sees performance improvements through the use of different modes. The Boom Float mode offers improved grading control, Fine Swing mode improves load control while swinging, computer-aided power optimization based on load demand, and Eco Breaker mode for selectable pump flow and improved fuel consumption when working with Hyundai hydraulic breakers.

Smaller models and compact-radius models will be available in 2016.