The John Deere 210L EP and 210L are the newest additions to the L-Series lineup of tractor loaders. The 210L comes equipped with a 93 hp Tier 4 PowerTech Plus diesel engine, while the 210L EP sports a 70 hp certified interim Tier 4 John Deere PowerTech E engine, both meeting today’s emission regulations.

Each machine comes with a four-speed PowerShift transmission that allows for smooth no-clutch fingertip shifting and direction changes for fast work cycles, ideal for earthwork, roadwork, land clearing, and landscaping.

Both models can be equipped with a canopy or an optional four-season air-conditioned/heated cab, depending on the intended use. They've also been updated with larger right-hand armrests and up to 70 degrees (20 left and 50 right) of seat rotation for a better view of the box blade and easier entry and exit from the cab.

The new L-Series additions also come with a new hitch design that makes it easier to position the box blade over the pile. The integral three-point hitch accommodates a variety of Category 2 tools, such as disks, mowers, blades, and box scrapers.