Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas’ HL900 series line of Tier 4 final-compliant wheel loaders deliver as much as 5% greater productivity and 10% lower fuel consumption than the previous 9A series loaders.

The first models available for sale now in the United States and Canada include the HL940, HL955, HL960, HL970, and HL980. Additional wheel loader models, including the HL935, and special model configurations such as the popular Tool Master (TM) and Extended Reach (XT) models, will be available in the fourth quarter of 2015.

The machines are used in severe-duty applications such as road building, sand and gravel pits, recycling yards, and quarries and mines.

The cab on the Hyundai HL900 series wheel loaders is up to 10% larger than previous models and has been reconfigured for additional floor space and improved visibility. For added operator comfort, in-cab sound levels were reduced by 3 dB.

Cummins engines power the smaller HL935, HL940, HL955, and HL960 models. The larger models, including the HL970 and HL980, are powered by Scania engines. Cummins and Scania engine technologies both achieve Tier 4 final emissions compliance through a combination of SCR (selective catalytic reduction) and DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst) systems using DEF (diesel exhaust fluid).