Landi Renzo USA's electronic pressure regulator (EPR) provides electronic control of optimal output pressure depending on specific engine and/or ambient conditions. It works with natural gas and supports the flow rates required for heavy-duty pickup applications.

The regulator is designed to perform in cold conditions because it doesn't have any rubber parts. No heating is required, although an optional heater for freezing protection of other rubber-based system parts (such as fuel injector O-ring seals or hose seals) is available upon request.

The EPR has a compact single-stage design, and it offers extended range (or equivalent fuel saving in tank cost) compared to a standard mechanical pressure regulator obtained by further sensing and compensation at low CNG storage pressure.

Landi Renzo's EPR will be phased into existing products, including the 2016-MY Ford F-450/550 6.8L V-10. Introduction to additional platforms will follow. The EPR will be available in October.