Air Lift Company's three air spring kits for the 2015 Ford F-150 half-ton pickup truck include RideControl, LoadLifter 5000 and LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate. The kits are designed for towing and hauling heavy loads.

The three suspensions feature application-specific brackets and air springs. The adjustable air spring kits distribute weight to all four tires to improve vehicle stability, safety and ride. They also work with existing suspension to improve braking and steering, eliminate squat and sway and maintain ride height.

The RideControl kit features fully adjustable sleeve style air springs which work with existing leaf spring suspension to provide up to 2000 pounds of load-leveling capacity.

For heavy-duty or more frequent use, the LoadLifter 5000 kit works with existing suspension to provide up to 5,000 pounds of leveling capacity. It also features durable reinforced air springs and roll plates to protect the air springs form sharp edges found on brackets or the vehicle’s frame.

The LoadLifter 500 Ultimate kit has the same features an benefits of the LoadLifter 5000 but with the addition of a shock-absorbing internal jounce bumper. The bumper protects vehicles with heavy loads and eliminates jarring on rough roads.

All three kits are designed to be easy to install. For more convenient inflation and deflation from inside or outside the vehicle, Air Lift offers several wireless and wired on-board air compressor systems.  The air suspension kits are all backed by Air Lift’s lifetime warranty.