The AngelTrax VizuCop 360 offers up to eight channels of video and eight channels of audio. Features include: 900-line analog-to-digital resolution, 5-inch rearview mirror monitor, Wifi download, streaming video, DVR health monitoring software called MOTOTrax, and evidence management software called MOTOLinks. Another key feature of the VizuCop 360 is its dual-lens, front-firing camera. One lens captures the full scene of a traffic stop, while the other automatically records license plate data. VizuCop 360 also offers Virtual Synchronized Mapping (VSM), which encodes the address of the incident and a map showing the location into each video.

Options available for the VizuCop 360 include the Automated Archiving System and the Tagging Pad.

The patent-pending VizuCop Automated Archiving System accommodates up to five slide-rail hard drives used in patrol vehicles and a key-locking slide-rail, 1TB master hard drive. MOTOLinx LE, the VizuCop archiving manager, automatically transfers video clips from each patrol hard drive onto the master drive and organizes them according to officer involved, vehicle, event type, and date.

Tagging Pad allows officers to add information to the video such as the type of incident involved and the case number. Pushing a button on the Tagging Pad takes a snapshot with one of the forward-facing lenses and sends that image to pre-selected e-mail addresses. The Tagging Pad's integrated RFID reader embeds the officer's name in the video footage and allows for a seamless switch in drivers.