Rotary Lift's RS4 supplementary tripod jack stand helps stabilize vehicles loaded on two-post surface and inground lifts. The light-duty jack stand features 4,000 lbs. of capacity and can be raised to a maximum height of 7 feet to reach nearly any raised vehicle.

Two new RS4 jack stands can support a vehicle weighing up to 8,000 lbs. This includes most Class 2 pickup trucks.

To use the RS4 jack stand, a technician pulls the locking pin from the top of the stand, raises the column to a desired height, and reinserts the pin. A screw-up adapter at the top of the column provides a fine-adjustment range of 5.5 inches. The adapter is fitted with a rubber contact pad to ensure a secure connection with the vehicle.

RS4 jack stands comply with the ASME PALD-2009 safety standard for portable automotive lifting devices.