The HT66 Crane Service Body supports Venturo service cranes up to 66,000 ft.-lbs. on a 30,000 GVWR chassis and includes three different models to choose from.

Some of the features include LED stop/turn/tail/backup, marker and ID lighting included with wire harness and junction box. Each model is designed with pre-punched light mounting holes for ease of installation.

The HT66 132 includes two 62-inch tall curbside and streetside front compartments, while the HT66 163 includes six 62-inch tall curbside and streetside front compartments.

This body has 10-guage, diamond-plate steel cargo floor, sides and compartment tops provide extreme durability and secure auxiliary equipment mounting. The stainless-steel spring-loaded door keepers hold doors open at 90 degrees and are self-closing.