Voith's two-stage air compressors offer a range of benefits to commercial vehicle operators including a high degree of energy efficiency, low-emissions, reduced weight, and longer service intervals, according to the manufacturer.

The key to this range of benefits is an inter-cooling system that ensures consistently high air quality and noticeably lower fuel consumption. An extended compressor lifetime is another advantage of the two-stage principle which benefits all bus and truck operators using any Voith air compressor.

The two-stage principle features an intermediate chamber with cooler between the suction and pressure chamber. This allows air to be cooled as it makes its way from the first to the second compression stage. Lowering the temperature of compressed air allows the compressor to achieve an up to 85-percent longer duty time, increases air availability and improves energy efficiency. This is because the intercooling set-up performs a compression function and thus ensures low temperature levels throughout the compression process.