Rotary Lift's line of products with Shockwave technology now includes four-post models.

The SM series and AR series four-post lifts handle cars, vans, and light trucks through Class 3. Four-post lifts have a weight capacity of 14,000 lbs. With Shockwave, the lifts can reach full lifting height in 35 seconds. Descent takes 18 seconds, meaning a Shockwave-equipped four-post lift can be raised and lowered in less than the time it would take a standard four-post lift just to raise a vehicle, the company stated.

The Shockwave technology runs on a DC power unit. The batteries are kept charged by an onboard charger that will continue to run without electricity. The Shockwave power unit can be mounted to either the front or side of one of the columns to fit a variety of work bays.

Each Shockwave-equipped four-post lift comes with a patent-pending Spotline laser spotting guide. The motion-activated, wall-mounted laser projects a green line into the middle of the bay, making it easy to center a vehicle on the lift’s runways. The technician aligns the middle of the hood or dash with the laser line and drives onto the lift.

Shockwave is available on three 14,000 lb. capacity four-post models: standard (SM14), open front (SMO14), and alignment (ARO14). For alignment work, the ARO14 alignment lift comes with two stainless steel radius gauges, two 7,000-lb. capacity rolling jacks, and rear slip plates. It is compatible with any brand of alignment equipment. Each model is available with several runway lengths to fit varying bay and vehicle size requirements.

Rotary Lift’s 14,000 lb. capacity four-post lifts feature air filter/regulator/lubricator units to keep air-powered tools working properly. The hydraulic lifting cylinder on each is located under one of the runways, so there are no overhead obstructions that could damage vehicle doors or mirrors.