The Bobcat Pro Clamp system allows excavator operators to grab larger, more irregular-shaped material and perform more efficient grading tasks. The optional Pro Clamp system will expand the Bobcat excavator clamp attachment family for M-Series models including the E32i, E32, E35i, E35, E42, E45, and E50.

The Pro Clamp system consists of a base that attaches to an M-Series excavator bucket and is equipped with pin-on adjustable standard tool or reversible grading tool. With enhanced functionality, the Pro Clamp system will add greater versatility to applications in construction and demolition, site development, landscaping, and logging operations. Both tools can be easily removed if desired to maximize visibility into trenches and provide unlimited bucket curl for reaching above truck height when loading material.

The standard tool’s adjustable design allows it to be pinned in a position that provides traditional grabbing performance similar to the existing Bobcat excavator clamp. For greater performance, it can also be pinned at a higher point on the base to provide a wider jaw and more aggressive grabbing action for handling bigger material such as larger-diameter utility pipe, boulders, and logs. The tool also offers greater range to follow the bucket farther towards material roll-out.

The 24-inch Pro Clamp grading tool is reversible, allowing for dual functionality. With the grading tool pinned in the forward position on the bucket, it provides a smooth cutting edge on the bottom of a trench that eliminates the need for a second smooth lip bucket. When the grading tool is pinned in the reverse position on the bucket, it is designed for faster transitions from cleanup areas to dump trucks by removing spoil piles quicker and reducing manual shoveling.