Mohawk Resources offers a range of parallelogram lifts with capacity ranges from 36,000- to 100,000-pound capacities, track lengths from as short as 26- to 48-feet long, and all models are available in either surface mounted, or flush mount design to be level with the shops floor when fully lowered.

Hoist Control System: 

  • Computer controlled platform synchronization is programmable for different lifting heights; to accommodate various vehicles, low ceilings or different height technicians.
  • Computer controlled dual high resolution, chain driven encoders monitor synchronous lifting and lowering 60 times per second.
  • The computer’s alpha-numeric LCD display performs self test on startup, with information in plain english, with no flashing lights to be decoded.
  • Control system user settings are input directly from the keypad or special settings are password protected. No outside computer is needed for reprogramming various settings.
  • All platform switches and electrical sensors are located in the runway (not the shop floor). Continuous electrical runs from the lift’s console eliminating splice connections in the shop floor (found on other lifts).
  • 24 volt control circuit provides operator safety during control console operation.
    Manual pump and valving allow lowering in a no power situation.