Digital Ally’s DVM-250 Video Event Data Recorder (VEDR) has been designed with the entire video system integrated into a rear-view mirror in order to minimize space usage and not interfere with the driver’s line of sight. The system easily replaces the factory mirror, if present, or the DVM-250 may be installed in alternative locations.

DVM-250 Video Event Recorder Features:

  • Records video/audio inside + video outside the vehicle
  • Audio can be configured to not record by an administrator
  • Recordings start automatically or manually
  • Redundant or simultaneous continuous and event recording options
  • Primary system, cameras & microphone inside rear-view mirror to maintain driver line of sight & efficient space utilization
  • Video software included
  • Reporting/management software available
  • Passenger documentation & fraud protection
  • Provide driver accountability
  • Review recorded incidents
  • Protect equipment & inventory
  • Perfect for taxi, bus, limo, ambulance, towing, shuttle, paratransit, utility, & more