The Steiner Flex Deck by Lastec is a flexible mowing attachment designed for use with the Steiner 440 four-wheel drive tractor. The attachment is fabricated with four hinged, floating decks and four blades to provide even mowing on hilly terrain. This flexible mowing attachment features an 80-inch overall cutting width, a 1.5-inch to five-inch height of cut range, and seven caster wheels for added support.

The four decks are designed to achieve 40 degrees of motion and can mow terrain that flat mowers aren't able to. The two middle decks offer 10 degrees of upward and downward articulation, while the trim side decks feature 20 degrees of upward and downward mobility. To ensure consistent reliability and operation, the hinge points in the deck feature urethane bushings.

The Steiner Flex Deck comes with a five-year warranty on the hinge bushings and a two-year warranty on other components.